Born in Lyon, in 1956.


Member of Académie lyonnaise de Peinture.

Adherent of Fondation Taylor.


Initial training : Ecole d’Art Martenot.

Training with internationally renowned painters :

Jean-Baptiste Valadié

2010 - L'apologie de la femme.

2011 - L'apologie de la femme (Master Class).

Michèle Taupin

2012 - La figure féminine dans la composition.

Alain Bonnefoit

2013 - Sumie : L'apologie de la femme.

Giancarlo Bargoni

Abstraction lyrique :

2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 (Master Class), 2019, 2021.

Direct carving training with Aurélie Moreau (2006).

Adherent of the Atelier d’Art de la Maison du Quartier d’Ecully (1997 to 2017).


Daughter of a silk worker, is it the shimmer of silk, the printing of the fabrics that attracted me to paint ? Perhaps. My first box of paints was given to me as a teenager, and since then this love of creation has never left me, whether with brushes or with the tools of a sculptor.

My painting lets me fly, to let my imagination go – a look, a landscape, a body… everything is subject to feelings and with so many possibilities of expression. Whether figurative or abstract, my research is the same – the feminity of the nude and the softness of an abstract gesture. Extract the very essence of each emotion. My joys, my sorrows shape my painting and I would like you to share my world – the space of a moment, the time to « dive » into an abstraction.

To liberate yourself from the stress of reality, letting yourself go spontaneously do not slow down its movement – the pigments are there, the expectation is high for the painter – will you share my feelings ?

I use acrylic as well as oil, very often superimposing them. For me, the transparence of the oil magnifies a painting. Brushes, knives … each tool bends to the chosen medium and to my desire. Pleasure of lyrical abstraction … Wonderful free gestures. The escape is there, infinite in these reliefs and mergers, such a fleeting thought which asks only to be expressed.