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Maison des Artistes 43547

Adherent of Fondation Taylor

Académie lyonnaise de Peinture

Société des Auteurs & Artistes Francophones (SAAF)

Ecole d’Art Martenot and training with internationally renowned painters : Jean-Baptiste Valadié, Michèle Taupin, Alain Bonnefoit, Giancarlo Bargoni.

Direct carving with Aurélie Moreau.

I discovered the world of painting very early on, which triggered a real passion in me. This passion was to take shape through studies in Art School, then with internationally renowned painters (Valladié, Taupin, Bonnefoit, Bargoni). I was introduced to all the techniques, taking pleasure in discovering this universe where everything is expression and know-how... Acrylic, watercolour, oil or pastel will then be my languages, creation my silent but sensory means of communication.

Attracted by Impressionism, then seduced by Lyrical Abstraction, I express myself more particularly through oil painting, a vibrant material that plays with light reflections and nuances. The sensuality and subtlety of oil captivate me and I will tame it through Lyrical Abstraction, an artistic movement that encourages the deepest expression of emotions. From this love affair with sensory purity, many artworks were born in which I built a very personal universe. I paint with matter and play with transparency and light effects. Freedom of movement is essential to express myself fully. My painting reflects my sensitivity of the moment but also a desire to transmit, through the play of shapes and colours, a lyrical poetry that challenges the viewer, that encourages him to meditate, to be moved or to rediscover himself.

I have also been carving directly for about fifteen years.